Songwriting Articles: General

  1. Arranging the Psychic Sonic Furniture

  2. Build-A-Song Part I: The Idea

  3. Build-A-Song Part II: From the Idea to the Hook

  4. Build-A-Song Part III: Freeflow

  5. Build-A-Song Part IV: Cadence

  6. Build-A-Song Part V: Melody

  7. Build-A-Song Part VI: Tips For Tunesmiths

  8. Build-A-Song Part VII: the Emergence of the Verses

  9. Build-A-Song Part VIII: Finishing Touches

  10. Commercial Song Forms

  11. Commercial Songcraft - Part 1: Groundwork

  12. Commercial Songcraft - Part 2: Songwriting Tips

  13. Commercial Songcraft - Part 3: Commerciality, Familiarity and Originality

  14. Creating a Stand Out Chorus

  15. Creating Musical Contrast

  16. Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus / Don't Be a Shnook, Get to the Hook

  17. Following The Trends

  18. Get A Flat (Flat Seven That Is)

  19. Give Your Song A Lift

  20. Hook, Line, and Sinker

  21. Little Things Mean A Lot

  22. Make Your Songs Stand Out

  23. Striking the Right Chord

  24. The Power Of Simplicity

  25. To Leap Or Not To Leap

  26. Too Many Ideas Spoil the Song

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  16. Songwriting and the Guitar (Acoustic Guitar Guides)

  17. Riffs: How to Create and Play Great Guitar Riffs

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