Recording Articles: Microphone Selection and Usage

  1. Cleaning Microphones

  2. Connecting Professional Microphones to Computer Sound Cards

  3. Critical Distance and Microphone Placement

  4. Gain Changes Based on Mic Placement and Number of Open Mics

  5. Impedance Matching for Microphones - Is it Necessary?

  6. Interfacing Shure Computer Microphones to Computer Soundcards

  7. Microphone Sensitivity Ratings: What Does it all mean?

  8. Microphone Techiniques for Vibraphone

  9. Microphone Techniques for Music -- Sound Reinforcement

  10. Microphone Techniques for Music -- Studio Recording

  11. Microphones

  12. Microphones And Multitracks

  13. Microphones On The Ceiling?

  14. Mics in the Mix

  15. Phantom Power and Bias Voltage -- is there a difference?

  16. Phase Relationships

  17. The Myth of Microphone Reach

  18. Understanding Microphones: Dynamics vs. Condensers

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  6. Modern Recording Techniques

  7. Professional Microphone Techniques

  8. Craig Anderton's Home Recording for Musicians

  9. Musician's Guide to Home Recording: How to Make Great Recordings at Home

  10. Sound Recording Advice

  11. The Home Studio Guide to Microphones

  12. Digital Home Recording: Tips, Techniques, and Tools for Home Studio Production

  13. Basic Home Studio Design

  14. The Sound on Sound Book of Creative Recording II: Microphones, Acoustics, Soundproofing & Monitoring

  15. Anatomy of a Home Studio: How Everything Really Works, from Microphones to Midi

  16. Practical Recording Techniques

  17. Recording & Production Techniques

  18. Basic Digital Recording

  19. Basic Microphones

  20. Basic Multitracking

  21. TechTV's Secrets of the Digital Studio: Insider's Guide to Desktop Recording

  22. Home Recording Made Easy: Professional Recording on a Demo Budget

  23. Creative Recording

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