Recording Articles: General

  1. Analog Tape Calibration

  2. Audio Recording Terms Glossary

  3. Basic Recording

  4. Cheap Studios

  5. Home Recording: Getting Started With a PC

  6. PC Recording Questions and Answers

  7. Recording Engineer's Quarterly - Tip of the Week

  8. So You Want To Record Your Own CD?

  9. The Musician's Guide to Home Recording

  10. The Recording Website Lesson of the Week

  11. Tool Time: Home Studio Tricks and Tips

  12. Tool Time: Home Studio Tricks and Tips, Volume 2

  13. Zone Recording

  14. Zone Recording, Part 2

  15. Zone Recording, Part 3

  16. Zone Recording, Part 4

  17. Zone Recording, Part 5

  18. Zone Recording, Part 6

  19. Zone Recording: Which Take Do I Take?

Recommended Reading

  1. Recording Guitar and Bass: Getting a Great Sound Every Time You Record

  2. The Musician's Guide to Recording Vocals

  3. The Musician's Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar

  4. The Recording Guitarist: A Guide for Home and Studio

  5. The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project

  6. Modern Recording Techniques

  7. Professional Microphone Techniques

  8. Craig Anderton's Home Recording for Musicians

  9. Musician's Guide to Home Recording: How to Make Great Recordings at Home

  10. Sound Recording Advice

  11. The Home Studio Guide to Microphones

  12. Digital Home Recording: Tips, Techniques, and Tools for Home Studio Production

  13. Basic Home Studio Design

  14. The Sound on Sound Book of Creative Recording II: Microphones, Acoustics, Soundproofing & Monitoring

  15. Anatomy of a Home Studio: How Everything Really Works, from Microphones to Midi

  16. Practical Recording Techniques

  17. Recording & Production Techniques

  18. Basic Digital Recording

  19. Basic Microphones

  20. Basic Multitracking

  21. TechTV's Secrets of the Digital Studio: Insider's Guide to Desktop Recording

  22. Home Recording Made Easy: Professional Recording on a Demo Budget

  23. Creative Recording

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