Guitar Articles: Inspirational

  1. A Musician's Most Important Skill

  2. A Simple Guitar Story

  3. Another Guitarist Brought Out of Musical Coma

  4. Are you Experienced?

  5. Attitude: The Number One Band Killer by Ronnie Harris

  6. Be Good To Your Soundman by Dave Evans

  7. Beyond The Realms Of Conventional Guitar Thinking - Part II by Craig Smoot

  8. Beyond The Realms Of Conventional Guitar Thinking by Craig Smoot

  9. Changing Bad Habits, Part Two

  10. Choosing A Teacher

  11. Choosing A Teacher

  12. Climb Every Mountain

  13. Conductor's Mind

  14. Confront Your Confusion

  15. Developing Your Style by Harry Jacobson

  16. Don't Be Afraid To Sing by Christoph Pascher

  17. Double Trouble

  18. Efficient Band Practice Strategies by John Close

  19. Finding Yourself as a Musician

  20. Five Heads Are Better Than One by Craig Smoot

  21. Free Ride By Nick Drake

  22. Freelancing: How To Survive In The New Millennium By Playing Your Guitar

  23. Freelancing: How To Survive In The New Millennium By Playing Your Guitar, Part 2

  24. Freelancing: How To Survive In The New Millennium By Playing Your Guitar, Part 3

  25. Freelancing: How To Survive In The New Millennium By Playing Your Guitar, Part 4

  26. Get the Juices Flowing

  27. Getting Your Own Sound by Kirk Lorange

  28. Goalines Not Deadlines

  29. Going Beyond Reality

  30. Groove Is in the Heart by Craig Smoot

  31. Guitar Tips For The Aspiring Shaman

  32. How To Learn To Play Music Of Unusual Genres On Electric Guitar

  33. How to Start a Band, Part I by Christopher Sung

  34. How to Start a Band, Part II by Christopher Sung

  35. Ideas, Technique, Show, the Fretboard and the Kitchen Sink!

  36. Improvisation by Kirk Lorange

  37. In The Beginning... by Christopher Sung

  38. Les Paul, Living Legend of the Electric Guitar

  39. Lost In Time

  40. Making a Living with the Guitar by Kirk Lorange

  41. Maximizing Practice Time by Frederick Burton

  42. Medtar: Empowering Hospitalized Children Through Guitar

  43. Modal Jazz and Change by Frederick Burton

  44. Music and Race, Part I by Jeremy Cotton

  45. Musical Frustration

  46. Musical Frustration

  47. Natural Talent by Jamey Andreas

  48. Originality - The Holy Grail?

  49. Originality, Ear Training and Never Losing An Idea

  50. Perception Of Perfection

  51. Perfect Intention

  52. Performing at Open Mic Venues

  53. Performing at Open Mic Venues by Alan Horvath

  54. Perseverance - Don't Be Without It

  55. Playing For Life

  56. Playing Solo Guitar at Weddings by Jim Graham

  57. Practice Your Listening by Frederick Burton

  58. Progress, Or Just Ritual? by Jeremy Cotton

  59. Raw Talent Vs. Hard Work by Christopher Sung

  60. Recipe For Success by Will Landrum

  61. Relaxation

  62. Remembering to Breathe

  63. Review Is Required by Jamey Andreas

  64. Rut Busters!

  65. Searching For the Right Teacher by Frederick Burton

  66. So I Didn't Become a Rock Star

  67. So You Want To Play Jazz? Part I by Christopher Sung

  68. Sometimes You Just Have to Play by Laura Wilson

  69. Stage Fright

  70. Stage Presence by Bill Dunlap

  71. Strumming and Singing by Josh Graves

  72. Teaching By Travel Brochure

  73. Teaching By Travel Brochure by Jamey Andreas

  74. Teaching Guitar: The Student Point of View by Lior Ella

  75. The Hardest Thing of All by Kirk Lorange

  76. The Importance of Having a Repertoire by Jamey Andreas

  77. The Perfect Player Part I

  78. The Perfect Player Part IV

  79. The Perfect Player, Part III

  80. There's No Mystery To Improvisation

  81. Thinking: What A Concept!

  82. Those Who Can Do, Teach

  83. Training Your Ear by Cinda Private

  84. Why I Started to Play Guitar

  85. Why Jazz is the Most Supreme Music in the Universe by Jeremy Cotton

  86. You Can Be Like 'Satch'

  87. Your Growth As A Guitarist: Vertical Or Horizontal?

  88. Your Growth as a Guitarist: Vertical or Horizontal?

Recommended Reading

  1. Mel Bay's Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chords

  2. Mel Bay's Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chord Progressions

  3. Riffs: How to Create and Play Great Guitar Riffs

  4. Guitar for Dummies

  5. How to Write Songs on Guitar: A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course

  6. The Guitar Handbook

  7. Solo Jazz Guitar Method

  8. 21st Century Pro Method / Jazz Guitar - Swing to Bebop

  9. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Rock Guitar

  10. Rock Guitar For Dummies

  11. The Art of Playing Rock Guitar

  12. The Everything Rock and Blues Guitar Book: From Chords to Scales, Licks to Tricks, All You Need to Play Like the Greats

  13. Alternative Rock Guitar: Riffs, Tricks & Effects You Can Learn Today!

  14. The Acoustic Guitar Method

  15. Songwriting and the Guitar

  16. Amps!: The Other Half of Rock 'N' Roll

  17. 100 Tips for Acoustic Guitar You Should Have Been Told

  18. Performing Acoustic Music

  19. The Musician's Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar

  20. Acoustic Guitar Method Chord Book

  21. The Acoustic Guitar Guide

  22. Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials (Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons)

  23. Acoustic Guitar Lead and Melody Basics (Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons)

  24. The Art of the Amplifier

  25. Rhythm: A Step by Step Guide to Understanding Rhythm for Guitar

  26. Progressive Rhythm Guitar for Beginner to Advanced Students

  27. Rhythm Guitar : The Complete Guide

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