Effects Articles: General

  1. Digital Signal Processing FAQ

  2. Effects Processing for Vibraphone

  3. Favorite Effects Tips from the Trenches

  4. Multi-Effects 101

  5. Multi-Effects 102

  6. Multi-Effects Explained: Part 1

  7. Multi-Effects Explained: Part 2

  8. Multi-Effects Explained: Part 3

  9. Multi-Effects Explained: Part 4

  10. Multi-Effects Explained: Part 5

  11. Music Electronics Schematics Archive

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  10. Dod Presents 100 Superstar Guitar Sounds on a Stompbox Budget

  11. Video: Classic Country Guitar (Getting the Sounds)

  12. Video: Classic Blues Guitar (Getting the Sounds)

  13. Video: Classic Rock Guitar (Getting the Sounds)

  14. Video: Get That Classic Fender Sound

  15. The Musician's Guide to Recording Vocals

  16. The Musician's Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar

  17. The Recording Guitarist: A Guide for Home and Studio

  18. The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project

  19. The Bonehead's Guide to Effects

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