Drum Articles: Techniques and Practicing: Mallet

  1. Changing Intervals - Outside Mallets

  2. Changing Intervals in the Double Stop Stroke

  3. Effects Processing for Vibraphone

  4. Four Mallets Warm-Up Sequence

  5. Holding the Inside Mallet

  6. Holding the Outside Mallet

  7. I Just Bought a Mallet Synth - What Module has the Best Vibraphone and Marimba Sounds?

  8. I Want to Major in Percussion When I Go to College - Where Should I Go to School?

  9. Keeping the Mallets Level

  10. Mallet Instrument Technique: Big Band Vibraphone

  11. Mallet Instrument Technique: Extended Techniques for Vibraphone

  12. Mallet Instrument Technique: Four-Mallet Exercises - Practice Room Timesavers

  13. Mallet Instrument Technique: Interval Expansion - Ideas for Creating Your Own Exercises

  14. Mallet Instrument Technique: Mallet Dampening

  15. Mallet Instrument Technique: Mallet Selection

  16. Mallet Instrument Technique: Sticking Concepts for Mallet Instruments

  17. Mallet Instrument Technique: Tone Production on Mallet Instruments

  18. Mallet Instrument Technique: Vibraphone Pedaling

  19. Mallet Synths vs. "Real" Instruments

  20. Microphone Techiniques for Vibraphone

  21. Should I Play Four Mallets or Two Mallets?

  22. Should I Use Pickups or Microphones to Amplify My Vibraphone?

  23. Should I Use Rattan- or Birch-Handle Mallets?

  24. The Double Stop Stroke (Double Verticals)

  25. The Stevens Grip is for Marimba and the Burton Grip is for Vibraphone, Right?

  26. Vibraphone: Bassline Construction

  27. Vibraphone: Bossa/Samba Comping Patterns

  28. Vibraphone: Chordal Jazz Vibraphone

  29. Vibraphone: Classical Techniques for Jazz Mallets

  30. Vibraphone: Comping 101 - 10 Introductory Tips

  31. Vibraphone: Four-Voice Textures for Jazz Mallets

  32. Vibraphone: Solo Vibraphone - Myths and Misconceptions

  33. Vibraphone: Solo/Duo Textures

  34. Vibraphone: The ABC's of Chord Voicings

  35. What Are the Best Mallets to Use?

  36. What Books Do You Recommend for Vibraphone and Marimba Studies?

  37. What does YMMV mean?

  38. Whats the Difference Between a Xylophone, a Vibraphone, and a Marimba?

  39. Where Can I Find a Good - and Inexpensive - Vibraphone?

  40. Which Four-Mallet Grip is the Best Four-Mallet Grip?

  41. Who are the Best Jazz Vibraphonists to Listen To? What Recordings do You Recommend?

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