Music Business and Law Articles: Contracts and Misc Legal

  1. Are Your Sales Numbers More Important To A Major Label Than Your Music?

  2. BMI -- Broadcast Music Incorporated

  3. Casualties of the Music Business

  4. Getting a Record Deal - What You Need to Know

  5. How Do You Stop People From Raiding The Digital Cookie Jar?

  6. It's Not Over Just Because You Sign a Deal

  7. Music Law Offices

  8. The Distributor One Sheet

  9. The Four Most FAQs That Music Publishers Get

  10. The Importance of a Contract

  11. The Importance of a Contract, Part 2

  12. Vocal Insurance - Do You Need An Agent?

  13. What You Need To Know To Get A Record Deal

  14. What's Fair in a Record Deal?

  15. Why Musicians Fail: Lack Of Commitment

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  13. Contracts for Songwriters

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  16. Label Launch : A Guide to Independent Record Recording, Promotion, and Distribution

  17. Little Labels Big Sound: Small Record Companies and the Rise of American Music

  18. In the Right Direction: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Record Label

  19. The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label

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